Introduction to PenvenArt


Winter Solstice — Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

PenvenArt was created as a means of filling in the long, useless hours that idleness can offer.

I didn’t actually retire as a technical resource specialist–I was downsized. After more than 25 years the company decided they could exist without my services… so I, and six other unfortunates, was terminated.

Oh well, that’s a couple of years behind me. I believe we all need a sense of usefulness, regardless of age. I hardly felt any older when my 80th birthday came and went. Let’s face it folks, despite all of the disastrous things I did to this fragile old body, I’m still here and I have a new slant on life.

PenvenArt is the result of an economy gone sour.

I believe we should all strive toward accomplishing something useful in life. Some of us succeed. Some of us fail. I spent over 60 years as part of the workforce in the United States of America. And then the ax fell. “Sales are projected to be off during the coming year,” my boss said. He handed me a sheet of paper that turned out to be the excuses used to justify my termination. Six others, five of which were over 50 years old, were given a similar “song and dance. ”

For more than 20 years I looked forward to retirement–but not like this.

Problem is I am probably too old even for being a greeter at Walmart.  But now my 81st birthday is behind me, and in short order, i decided to make myself useful. My wife Margie and I had recently moved to a downsized home and in the process of trying to find a place to store all of my stuff, I came across a couple of wooden boxes containing every imaginable color of oil paint, over a dozen brushes of various sizes and construction and several assorted palette/painting knives. This was the legacy from my Mom. She gave up painting when her arthritis became too much of a distraction.

My plan is to create a number impressionistic and Abstract Expressionism paintings and list them on, an arts and crafts website similar to eBay. So far so good. I currently have 21 paintings listed.

Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh completed some 150 works–and only sold one during his lifetime–The Red Vineyards of Arles. Let’s see what I can do!

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