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What is a Blog?

Don Penven

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Dob Penven

The term “Blog” came into being some years ago. It was a deviation away from the confines of websites. The term combines Web (as in World Wide Web) and Log (Thus it became WEBLOG). A log is a method of accounting  or list making. A log is what sea captains and aircraft pilots use to list their daily events and activities. 

This blog was created as a single source for information about the HOW-TO process of maintaining a blog. 

Blogs are created for many more purposes than I can think of. A blog may be a means of keeping family and friends up-to-date on your activities. It may be a means of keeping club or organizations up with the latest activities. 

Blogs are used by businesses to promote their products, and blogs are a means for bloggers like me to supplement their income

Blogs are infinitely easier to create and manage. They offer extreme flexibility and adding or editing content is incredibly simple. In my experience, websites are a pain in the butt. They take many hours to create, and if you do not have a flair for creativity, you can pay $$thousands of dollars to pay someone else to build a website for you.

I started off with websites but i’m not a computer geek, so that period–starting back in 2009–was an exercise in futility. 

As time goes on I will populate this blog with posts and articles that will hopefully make you and my other visitor’s journey into the blogosphere a true adventure—and not a dead-end trip.

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